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A Visit to Sage Brewing

These photos were taken Wednesday evening at Sage Regenerative Kitchen, home of Sage Brewing, in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles. It was my first visit to Sage Brewing, and coincidentally they were holding a 4th of July pre-party for people in the craft beer industry. To be honest, I was pretty much the outsider there as evidenced by fact that the first person that recognized me, John Garcia of Creature Comforts, asking me what the heck I was doing out there.

To be honest, it was a pretty legitimate question as finding me in Los Angeles on a Wednesday evening is probably as rare as finding a unicorn; but I am glad I made the drive. Continue reading

El Segundo Brewing Collaborates with Gelson’s Markets

These photos were taken Wednesday afternoon at Gelson’s Market, in Manhattan Beach, where my buddy Phil joined me at the Gelson’s Wine Bar to check out the beer collaboration they had done with El Segundo Brewing.

Last month it was announced that El Segundo Brewing Company had partnered with Gelson’s Markets on their first-ever beer collaboration – Gelson’s Summer Blonde Ale. Gelson’s reached out to me to see if I was interested in checking it out. I had a pretty busy June, but yesterday was free, so Phil and I headed out to Manhattan Beach. Continue reading

Welcome Enzo Craft Beer Can Exchange

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon at the Craft Beer Reclamation Center (AKA my house) where a couple dozen of us gathered to hold a craft beer can exchange to welcome Enzo (Nina and Jason’s new baby) to our craft beer family.

Nina and Jason joined our group a couple years ago when we held one of our exchanges at King Harbor Brewing. Nina came up and asked what it was we were doing, and before we knew it, she had disappeared over to Total Wine. When she returned she had four 4-paks with her and it was pretty obvious that this was something she understood and appreciated. Over the years we were there as they got engaged, married, and became new parents. Enzo was immediately welcomed to the group and he seemed to have a good time yesterday. Continue reading

Far Field Beer 3rd Anniversary Photos

These photos were taken Friday afternoon at Far Field Beer Company, in Lawndale, where they began their anniversary celebrating three years of brewing. Their celebration included a food truck and the release of four beers, including the release of their 2024 edition of Strange Addiction; their imperial stout.

I had a busy weekend scheduled, so Friday was really the only day I could make time to head over. The celebration continues through today, and it is a pretty nice day out there, so if you are free, you should consider heading over as they are open until 10:00 PM.

Congratulations to James, Bryce, and the entire Far Field crew on their continuing success in the local craft beer scene. Cheers! Continue reading

Sugar Monkey Brewing Grand Opening Photos

These photos were taken Friday afternoon at the Sugar Monkey Social Club, in El Segundo, where they celebrated day one of the Sugar Monkey Brewing Grand Opening. In case you missed my article about their soft open, Sugar Monkey took over the old Upshift Brewing location.

I arrived shortly after they opened and they already had a pretty decent crowd forming, and ‘The Best Umbrella’ pizza, manned by Sugar Monkey’s head brewer, Jason Eich, was cranking out pizzas as fast as his pizza oven would allow. Continue reading

Trademark Brewing 5th Anniversary Photos

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon, June 1, when my friend Phil and I headed to Long Beach to attend Trademark Brewing’s 5th anniversary celebration. Sorry for the delay, but I had some out-of-town guests that I can only suggest have been a bad influence over the past few days; but that is what friends do, right?

I have only been to Trademark once before, and that was back in 2021, which means we were in the middle of our COVID lockdown and no one could go inside to drink. I was allowed to go in (since there was no one else in there) to grab some photos, but this was the first time I saw the location with consumers inside and the tap handles actually in use. Continue reading

Introducing Sugar Monkey Brewing

These photos were taken Wednesday afternoon at the new Sugar Monkey Brewing, at the Sugar Monkey Social Club, in El Segundo, where they opened their doors for day one of their soft open. For those wondering, yes, Sugar Monkey Brewing took over the old Upshift Brewing location.

For those paying close attention, yes, I did mention the Sugar Monkey Social Club; which I will do my best to explain. The back of Sugar Monkey Brewing has a nice tented area, with plenty of seating, and that section is the Sugar Monkey Social Club, with the taproom being Sugar Monkey Brewing. Continue reading

LA Independent Beer Fest Coming Soon – Discount Inside

Get your tickets today!

It is that time of year again; LA Beer Week is beginning soon! The 15th Annual LA Beer Week is kicking off June 15, with the return of the LA Independent Beer Festival to Shoreline Park in Long Beach.

With a reported 75 local breweries and counting, this day promises to be a blast with local food trucks, games, live music by Red Hot Tribute Band, and lots of local, fresh, independent craft beer. The venue, Shoreline Park, is pretty tough to beat if you enjoy Southern California. If you missed it last year, you can find my photos at https://craftbeerguy.com/photos-la-indie-beer-fest-2023/. Continue reading

11th South Bay Beer & Wine Festival Photos

These photos were taken Sunday afternoon at Ernie Howlett Park, in Rolling Hills, where close to 1,000 people gathered for the 11th South Bay Beer & Wine Festival. Presented by the Rotary Clubs of Palos Verdes Peninsula, San Pedro and Southbay Sunrise (Torrance), all proceeds fund community outreach programs within the South Bay and Harbor cities of Los Angeles.

The event featured craft beer, wine, food and spirits (for VIP ticket holders) from 100 vendors, live music, a pretty upscale souvenir tasting glass, and free parking. Combine that with an outdoor venue that includes zero asphalt, just nice, cool, green grass. It really takes advantage of our local weather. When it all comes together it becomes pretty easy to see why I have called this one of the best craft beer festivals within 100 miles. Continue reading

Rob’s Birthday Party at Project Barley Square

These photos were taken Saturday evening at Project Barley Square, in Torrance, where they were closed for a private event to celebrate the birthday of a high school classmate, Rob. The event featured a taco bar, live music, and plenty of cask ales.

I am sure regular visitors to local breweries have probably seen Rob, even if you don’t know his name. He can frequently be found in area tasting rooms with his kilt and bicycle, or his dogs and a pint, dancing an Irish jig. Continue reading

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