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Craft Beer Guy is not a beer review site; I feel that it would not be fair for me to expect that your beer palate is the same as mine. Instead I will guide you to the craft beer tasting rooms, brewpubs and gastropubs that I visit; you can visit them and draw your own conclusions. I will also tell you about upcoming beer festivals then show you the photos of the events. If you want to be kept in the loop, you can Like me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, or Instagram, or Friend me on Untappd.

How to Navigate Craft Beer Guy

The South Bay Craft Beer Guide – The South Bay area of Los Angeles is definitely coming into its own with the craft beer scene. This section will guide you to the production breweries, brewpubs and gastropubs found between El Segundo to the north and Torrance to the South.

Domestic and International Craft Beer – I have been fortunate enough to travel around the country; this section will share my experiences outside of the South Bay. Naturally, most will be in California but additional states are added when time permits.

Craft Beer Log – All articles can be found, in reverse order of when they were posted. In other words, the newer the article, the closer to the front it will be. If you look at the Categories on the lower left, it is pretty self-explanatory.

Do you own a production brewery, brewpub or gastropub?

I do a lot of self-guided craft beer tours around the state and would love to come to your area and document the craft beer scene in your area. If you are interested in your area being visited by Craft Beer Guy, please contact me and we will discuss a future visit.

Are you throwing a beer festival?

If you are having a beer festival or anniversary, whether as a fundraiser or just to promote craft beer, reach out to me as I have multiple platforms with which to promote your special beer event.

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