Brewmo Pseudo-Sumo Showdown at Three Weavers

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon at Three Weavers Brewing Company in Inglewood, where they held their 1st Annual Brewmo Pseudo-Sumo Showdown. The inaugural event was sponsored by BSG CraftBrewing, Prospero, and Stradling Attorneys at Law.

The “sumo wrestlers” were brewers from about 14 LA County Brewers Guild member breweries stretching from Palmdale to San Pedro and Long Beach.

The brewers were broken into four groups; Water, Malt, Hops, and Yeast. Following strict sumo wrestling protocol, the matches were best two out of three, double elimination with the winners advancing to the Cellar and Brewhouse Divisions.

Iron Triangle was the Water Champion and faced off with Malt Champions, El Segundo Brewing; Iron Triangle bested El Segundo and became the Brewhouse Division Champion.

In the Cellar Division, Beachwood was the Yeast Champion and they faced off with Hops Champion, Ximix Craft Exploration. Beachwood came out ahead of Ximix to become the Cellar Division Champion.

This resulted in a final match between Iron Triangle and Beachwood. As there are no participation trophies in sumo wrestling, Beachwood was named the 1st Brewmo Pseudo-Sumo Showdown Grand Champion.

It was a fun event and a good way for me to end the 10th Annual L.A. Beer Week.

Three Weavers Brewing is located at 1031 W. Manchester in Inglewood. They are usually open seven days a week, are family and dog friendly, and have multiple options for getting their beer to go. Cheers!

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