Cask’s Not Dead Fest 2018 Photos

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon at Yorkshire Square Brewery in Torrance, where they held their inaugural Cask’s Not Dead Fest 2018. The invitational event featured 32 cask ales, provided by 29 local craft breweries, and one from Germany. In addition, there was live music provided by Whiskey Sunday and The Brilliant Gypsies, as well as food provided by Top Shelf Tacos and Stop Bye Cafe food trucks.

The Cask’s Not Dead Fest included a friendly competition between the 30 breweries. As most of the breweries do not typically provide cask ales the competition was broken down into two categories, Traditional Cask Ales and Abnormal Ales, with the Abnormal Ales being cask ales that were IPAs or included adjuncts such as cacao nibs, oak chips, vanilla beans, and such.

The winners of the Traditional Cask Ales category were:

  • First Place: Pizza Port (San Clemente), Nerf Herder
    Second Place: Green Cheek Beer, Fallen for Autumn
    Third Place: Yorkshire Square Brewery, Early Doors
  • The winners of the Abnormal Ales category were:

  • First Place: Smog City Brewing, Bloody Knuckle Fist Fight
    Second Place: Trustworthy Brewing, Trustworthy IPA
    Third Place: Transplants Brewing, Ocarina of Thyme
  • The event was also a fundraiser, with the proceeds going to the Los Angeles Brewers Guild. The inaugural event was very well attended and everyone I spoke with said they hope this will become an annual event.

    Congratulations to Yorkshire Square Brewery and all the participants for putting on a fun event; we look forward to the 2nd Annual Cask’s Not Dead Fest. Cheers!

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