5th Annual Brewer’s Chili Cook-off at Select Beer

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon at Select Beer Store in Redondo Beach, where they held their 5th Annual Brewer’s Chili Cook-off. The annual event has been a fundraiser for the last few years; this year the beneficiary was Providence TrinityCare Hospice. I am not sure if they choose different beneficiaries every year or not.

This year, there were nine participating breweries; Bottle Logic, Yorkshire Square, Cellador Ales, Three Weavers, Riip Beer, Burnin’ Daylight, L.A. Ale Works, King Harbor Brewing, and Firestone Walker’s Propagator.

I am not really sure that I have attended any of the prior events, so I know nothing about the prior competitions other than what I overheard and my understanding is that in previous competitions all the chilies were somewhat similar. This year each chili was quite different from the others.

For instance, Yorkshire Square had beef and lamb, Cellador Ales had smoked tri-tip, Riip Beer had beef and three pork variations, and L.A. Ale Works had a chili verde.

Everything I tasted was quite good, but I had to agree with the people’s choice; the winner of the 5th Brewer’s Chili Cook-off was King Harbor Jayme’s and his Chili the F*** Out, featuring his very popular smoked brisket and pork belly.

Congratulations to Select Beer Store and all the participants, including Providence TrinityCare Hospice as the event took in $750 which will be donated to them. Cheers!

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