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Back in May I was invited out to Golden Road Brewing to cover a taping of Esquire TV’s Brew Dogs, starring James Watt and Martin Dickie. The event was the culmination of a brewing competition between Watt and Dickie, who were paired with a couple local homebrewers, Dana Cordes and Andy Ziskinof the oldest homebrewing club in the country, the Maltose Falcons.
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I was given access to tonight’s episode which documents the choosing of brewing teams, Dana Cordes and Martin Dickie versus Andy Ziskin and James Watt as well as how the beers and the “local ingredients” were determined. The final brews were judged by three local celebrities: craft brewer Meg Gill of Golden Road Brewing, chef Sang Yoon of Father’s Office, and beer journalist Sarah Bennett of Beer Paper LA. Also included in tonight’s episode are Watt and Dickie’s choices for LA’s Top 5 Craft Beer Bars and Top 5 Craft Breweries. I could tell you who won the brewing competition but you should really watch Brew Dogs tonight on Esquire TV at 9:00/8:00 Central. There will be a viewing tonight at Golden Road Brewing if you would like to watch it there. Cheers!

Brew Dogs taping at Golden Road Brewing

Scottish “beer evangelists” and Esquire TV’s hosts James Watt and Martin Dickie showed up at Golden Road Brewing in Los Angeles last night for a taping of their television show Brew Dogs. The premise for last night’s taping was a brewing competition between Watt and Dickie, who normally brew together, but were paired with a couple local homebrewers. The two homebrewers, Dana Cordes and Andy Ziskin, are active members of one of, if not the oldest homebrewing club in the country, the Maltose Falcons. The challenge was to brew a beer that best reflected the Southern California craft beer scene using designated ingredients.

Dana Cordes was paired with Martin Dickie and they prepared a Double IPA that included several types of citrus and an avocado. Andy Ziskin teamed up with James Watt to create a Saison using sage, peppercorns and an avocado. Their entries were judged by an esteemed panel of experts; Sarah Bennett of Beer Paper LA, noted chef and owner of Father’s Office, Sang Yoon, and Golden Road Brewing owner, Meg Gill. Members of the audience were also given an opportunity to try the two brews and even though our vote did not count, it seemed that the audience agreed with the unanimous decision of the judges. I could throw in a spoiler and tell you who won, but you should probably watch the Brew Dogs episode to find out for yourself. Consult your local listings for when the program airs in your area. Cheers! Continue reading

Tomm Carroll’s birthday party at Chloe’s at Golden Road

With the primary question being, “is there beer after 60?”, local beer celebrity and writer Tomm Carroll celebrated his 60th birthday Sunday afternoon with about 100 friends and family joining him at the exclusive Chloe’s at Golden Road Brewing in Los Angeles. Chloe’s is a private, members-only club at the Golden Road Brewing pub that one must work in the beer industry to be invited to join. This was my first time to visit Golden Road, so it was pretty cool to be invited to join the festivities.

For those that think the name Tomm Carroll sounds familiar, there are a couple of good reasons for that. First off, there are about three guys named Tomm Carroll that are involved in the Southern California craft beer scene. This particular Tomm Carroll is a contributing writer for Celebrator Beer News with his regular column, Live and Drink in L.A. as well as Beer Paper LA where he has an entertaining series Los Angeles, BC (Before Craft).

The afternoon consisted of camaraderie, tasty snacks including crab cakes, sliders, pretzels and more, birthday cake and beer. In fact, lots of beer. In addition to the seven Golden Road brews they had on tap there was an amazing bottle share that featured a veritable who’s who of beer which such brews as a 2007 Dark Lord, Gueuze Cuvée René by Brouwerij Lindemans, a Mont des Cats by Abbaye Mont des Cats and even a 1993 Samichlaus to name but a few. Suffice it to say, there were more bottles than people to drink them so I think Tomm’s beer collection may have gained a few new members.

As far as the question, is there beer after 60? It seems safe to say that there is plenty of beer after 60. Happy birthday, Tomm. Cheers! Continue reading

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