River Visits Tortilla Cantina

These photos were taken Sunday afternoon at Tortilla Cantina in Torrance, where they hosted a family event for one of their regulars, Paul Quintana. You may recall that back in July I covered a baby shower at Tortilla Cantina; Sunday’s family gathering was the formal introduction of the Guest of Honor of that shower, River, to his extended family.

There had to be at least 50 friends and family in attendance and River seemed to be enjoying all the attention he was getting as much as the aunts and cousins giving it to him.

Tortilla Cantina is a great place to hold events like this, especially if you have friends and family that enjoy craft beer. You could never provide Tortilla Cantina’s beer variety at home, and they provide really good food; I will personally vouch for the taquitos.

If you are interested in having a private function at Tortilla Cantina, you can get information by emailing them at Eat@tortillacantina.com.

If you would like me to memorialize your event, please contact me at 1CraftBeerGuy@gmail.com. I have very reasonable rates and can provide multiple platforms for you to share them with your friends.

Congratulations to River and his mom and dad, Shelby and Zach, and Grandpa Paul. It was a fun gathering and it looks like River has plenty of backup out there. Cheers!

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Back to Photos from River’s Visit to Tortilla Cantina

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