Photos from Chad’s Going Away Can Exchange

These photos were taken Saturday evening at the Craft Beer Reclamation Center, aka my house, where a couple dozen people gathered to say farewell to Chad Hazen (Bald Chad, Sofee Chad) with another craft beer can exchange. Chad has accepted a job with Boston Beer Company, so he is moving to Boston. I figured a can exchange would be a suitable way to send him off.

Of the close to 20 can exchanges I have put on since the Covid lockdown, this was definitely the largest turnout we have had, and I am sure Chad felt the love. In addition to the 40 four-packs that were involved in the can exchange, people brought literal gallons of beer, sake, and mead to share with attendees.

Since it might be considered irresponsible to have that much alcohol available with no food, we had pizza, empanadas, and tarts to help absorb some of the booze.

Special thanks have to be given to Maria for the empanadas, Jesse for all the Brewery X pizzas, Dastardly Brews Joe for all the mead, sake, and beers he brought for sharing, and to whomever it was that brought the treats from Porto’s.

Thanks to everyone that came out, we had a significant number of first timers, I hope you enjoyed yourselves. And good luck to Chad, your presence in our local craft beer will be missed and your events will likely be remembered forever by those lucky enough to have attended. Cheers!

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Back to Photos from Chad’s Farewell Can Exchange

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