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Welcome Enzo Craft Beer Can Exchange

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon at the Craft Beer Reclamation Center (AKA my house) where a couple dozen of us gathered to hold a craft beer can exchange to welcome Enzo (Nina and Jason’s new baby) to our craft beer family.

Nina and Jason joined our group a couple years ago when we held one of our exchanges at King Harbor Brewing. Nina came up and asked what it was we were doing, and before we knew it, she had disappeared over to Total Wine. When she returned she had four 4-paks with her and it was pretty obvious that this was something she understood and appreciated. Over the years we were there as they got engaged, married, and became new parents. Enzo was immediately welcomed to the group and he seemed to have a good time yesterday. Continue reading

Super Bowl LVIII Can Exchange Photos

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon at the Craft Beer Reclamation Center in Torrance, where we held the Super Bowl LVIII Can Exchange; a fun afternoon of swapping beers and sharing a few special brews since we were there anyway.

I held the first can exchange in September of 2020 at the suggestion of a couple friends. The reason was that we were in a COVID lockdown and I wanted to do something that was COVID safe and still give people the opportunity to socialize. We had 14 attendees forming 13 teams (couples sometimes decide to bring two 4-paks instead of four, so they draw as a team). Saturday was our 19th event, and while many of the regulars were unable to make it for various reasons, we still had 19 attendees forming 18 teams. In other words, these have become pretty popular. Continue reading

Photos from Chad’s Going Away Can Exchange

These photos were taken Saturday evening at the Craft Beer Reclamation Center, aka my house, where a couple dozen people gathered to say farewell to Chad Hazen (Bald Chad, Sofee Chad) with another craft beer can exchange. Chad has accepted a job with Boston Beer Company, so he is moving to Boston. I figured a can exchange would be a suitable way to send him off.

Of the close to 20 can exchanges I have put on since the Covid lockdown, this was definitely the largest turnout we have had, and I am sure Chad felt the love. In addition to the 40 four-packs that were involved in the can exchange, people brought literal gallons of beer, sake, and mead to share with attendees. Continue reading

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