Far Field Beer Company 2nd Anniversary Photos

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon at Far Field Beer Company, in Lawndale, where they celebrated their second anniversary at their brewery/tasting room. The event featured live music, food popups, vendors peddling their wares, a photo booth, games, raffles, brewery tours, and about 19 tap offerings, including a couple anniversary brews (depending on who you talked to).

It was a lovely afternoon in the South Bay, and at least 100 people showed up (while I was there) to enjoy the mellow weather and join in the festivities with their families and four-legged friends.

As far as my comment on the anniversary beers, I was given a couple different answers, but the one thing everyone seemed to agree on was that the 2023 version of Strange Addiction was one of the anniversary brews, with Chaos Theory also being named as one … again, depending on who you asked. Not being one to risk it, I bought bottles of each to take home.

All in all, it was a very pleasant afternoon and all the attendees, puppies included, seemed to be having a good time. Congratulations to James, Bryce and everyone else on putting on a fun event and I look forward to seeing what the next year brings. Cheers!

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Back to Photos of Far Field Beer’s 2nd Anniversary

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