7th Annual Craft Beer LB Fest Photos

These photos were taken Saturday, September 16 at the Rancho Los Cerritos Historical Site in Long Beach, where Craft Beer LB held their 7th Annual Craft Beer LB Fest. The event featured plenty of craft beer from more than a dozen local breweries, sake, live music, and food for the approximate 1,000 attendees. It was a fun event that even the weather cooperated with.

I had to mention the weather because in the past I have mentioned how great the weather was, and frequently joke with festival organizer Dennis Trilles about how he seems to have a connection with the weather gods as no matter how sucky the weather might be prior to the event, it always seems to be nice on the day of the event. When I walked out of my house yesterday I could see that there must have been rain overnight. Having to utilize my windshield wipers on the way down to Long Beach I was beginning to wonder if I should have brought a windbreaker or not. While it was misting a little early on, the rain went away and the marine layer left everything comfortable in just a t-shirt.

Beer was poured by Altar Society, Ambitious Ales, Beachwood Brewing, Beachwood Blendery, Brouwerij West, Dutch’s/Syncopated Brewing, Everywhere Beer Company, La Jara Brewing, Long Beach Beer Lab, Smog City Brewing, Ten Mile Brewing, Trademark Brewing, TrustedGut Brewing, several members of the Long Beach Homebrewers, and Steinfillers. Sake Secret was pouring five different types of sake while also educating most of us on the science of sake. To be honest, I think they had the booth with the longest, consistent line, although, that may have been because it was the only “educational” vendor there; no one seemed to mind the wait. Prior to trying the various sake options I had been talking to a friend and told him that I doubt I could tell the difference between different sakes; I definitely know the difference now.

Food was made available by Shady Grove Foods, Leaf Over Beef, Dutch’s BrewHouse, and Steffi Sweets. Live music was provided by Ms B Royal and Kat Hall. As usual, a free bike valet was provided by Pedal Movement, with water being provided by the City of Long Beach Utilities.

While there was definitely plenty of craft beer for everyone, Sake Secret was kind of a personal highlight for me primarily because I was introduced to just how good sake can be. I used to eat sushi several times a week, and I always had sake with it but I guess I never had really good sake. If you are like me and would like to learn more about sake, you might be interested in the upcoming inaugural Long Beach Sake Day which will be held September 30. For tickets and information visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lb-sake-day-tickets-668612155957.

Congratulations to Dennis, LB Craft Beer, all the vendors and volunteers that contributed to putting on another fun event. Cheers!

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