Long Beach Beer Lab 4th Anniversary Photos

These photos were taken Sunday afternoon at Long Beach Beer Lab, where they celebrated their fourth anniversary and Oktoberfest. The festivities included live music by The Bodleys, face painting by Liza May, one liter steins of their Oktoberfest beer, and soft pretzels from Long Beach Bread Lab.

I ran into Long Beach Beer Lab founder/Chief Investigating Scientist Levi Fried shortly after I arrived and had to comment on how much growth there had been since my last visit; Levi responded that they had been busy the last two years. I knew it had not been two years since my last visit, but admittedly my last couple of visits had been for to-go purchases so I had not seen just how much they have grown.

When I look back at my photos from my first visit to Long Beach Beer Lab (two years ago) and compare them to what I experienced Sunday it is easy to see just how much bigger they are today.

It was far too busy for me to ask questions, but it seems they acquired the space next to the original tasting room to give them a lot more in the way of seating. The original tasting room has become more of a showcase for their breads, hot sauces, and canned beers.

If you have not visited Long Beach Beer Lab in a while, I think you owe it to yourself to return, I know I will have to go back when it is a little less busy.

Long Beach Beer Lab is located at 518 W Willow Street in Long Beach; they are open daily, are dog friendly, and offer cans and bottles to go. Cheers!

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