LA Ale Works Celebrates 6ish Years

These photos were taken Saturday at Los Angeles Ale Works, in Hawthorne, where they celebrated their 6ish anniversary. The family and dog friendly event featured DJs, food, live music, a balloon artist, and an anniversary beer.

While I was there, music was provided by DJ Hash Mills and two tribute bands; The Walrus, a Beatles tribute band, and The Burning Doors, a Doors tribute band. Food was available from The Shrimp and Taco Stop, Proudly Serving LA, Cali Crizp, and La Chica Cupcakes. The Ballusionist provided balloon art for the youngsters and the young at heart.

Their 20+ beers on tap were complimented with their 6ish DIPA anniversary beer as well as a few specialty drinks, including Michelada and beer smoothie offerings.

It was a drizzly, gray skied afternoon when I first arrived at LA Ale Works; to be honest, I am not sure how many of us figured it was probably going to end up raining, and that probably accounted for why there were so few people in attendance, but the LA Ale Works crew never gave up hope, and while there were several tents being erected in the parking lot, it was obvious that the show would go on, rain or shine.

As the afternoon progressed, the crowd began to grow as the threat of rain diminished. By the time the live music started there had to be a few hundred people in attendance. The first live act was The Walrus, a Beatles tribute band, and it did not take long for the parking lot to be full of dancing and singing along to everyone’s favorite Beatles songs. The fun continued with The Burning Doors, even if everyone didn’t have the lyrics of every Doors song memorized. It was definitely a rocking good time.

Congratulations to the entire Los Angeles Ale Works administration and staff for putting on a very fun event, even if it wasn’t under the easiest of circumstances. It looked to me like virtually everyone had a great time. Cheers!

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Back to Photos of the LA Ale Works 6ish Anniversary Celebration

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