Strand Brewers Club Meeting at Scholb Premium Ales

These photos were taken Wednesday evening at Scholb Premium Ales in Torrance, where they hosted the March meeting of the Strand Brewers Club, a local home brewing club. The meeting was the first I have attended in quite a while, so among other things, it gave me the opportunity to see some old friends as well as meeting the new officers of the club.

After everyone had a chance to grab a Scholb brew, Michael, the new club president had everyone introduce themselves then they sat down to business, which included discussion about their upcoming monster brew that will be held at Scholb, the upcoming Southern California Homebrewers Festival, as well as the venue for their next few monthly meetings and their monthly Final Friday gathering.

As usual, the meeting ended with a few homebrew samples, which included a pilsner, IPA, sour, and a mead. As past president, Rives Borland was in attendance, he brought in a few samples from his brewery, Project Barley.

If you are into homebrewing and do not belong to a homebrew club, you might want to check out the Strand Brewers Facebook page as they are a nice group of people and they know their brewing, so they can be a great resource for any home brewer. Cheers!

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