Chad’s Beer Cellar IV Photos

These photos were taken Saturday at the Chad’s Beer Cellar IV bottle share which was held at King Harbor Brewing Company in Redondo Beach. This event was the fourth and possibly final bottle share put on by local beer hoarder and King Harbor Brewing investor, Chad Hazen. All the funds from the event went to benefit the Richstone Family Center which is located in Hawthorne. The Richstone Family Center is dedicated to preventing and treating child abuse.

First off, I would like to personally thank everyone that showed up. While my involvement with the event was limited to getting the word out, the previous events never sold out, which I found incredulous considering the quality of the beers that were made available. I made it a personal goal to see that they did sell all 100 tickets this year, and it happened. While all the monies have not been tabulated yet, with ticket sales, raffles and the silent auction, over $8,000 was raised for Richstone. Of course, none of this would have been possible without Chad.

The first of these bottle shares was held in December of 2014 when Hazen decided he wanted to quit drinking beer for a year while he trained for a marathon as he felt his collection of beer was just a little too much temptation. He got together with King Harbor Brewing Company and they decided they would have a bottle share benefiting Richstone Family Center.

When Hazen decided to hold the second bottle share I thought it was because he had not dispensed of his collection after the first share; I was wrong. Each of the subsequent shares consisted of beers that he had collected over the year between the two events.

That is part of the reason why it has not yet been determined if Hazen will hold any more of these shares. Transporting literally hundreds of bottles of beer individually can be a hassle when you have to check it in when flying, then waiting at the baggage carousel at LAX after a long flight home.

So, for those of you that could not attend, this is a partial list of the beers that were available Saturday, broken down by table:

“Chad’s Picks” (Those Chad is especially stoked about)

Blackberry Farm (TN): Dubbel
Bond Brothers (NC): Duality of Funk, Disenchantment
Cantillon (BEL): Iris
Carton (NJ): IDIPA
Cellarmaker (CA): Coffee & Cigarettes
Chad’s (CA): Port-Oaked Old Ale
De Garde (OR): Oude Desay
Fatheads (OH): Headhunter
Foley Brothers (VT): Decided Funk
Fonta Flora (NC): Früt Lüps
Hill Farmstead (VT): Barrel-Aged Dorothy
Jackie O’s (OH): Bourbon Barrel Brick Kiln Nuts
Kent Falls (NY): Chocolate Spelt Porter
King Harbor (CA): Shift 1, Hawaiian King Swirly
Lakewood (TX): Lion’s Share IV, Goatman
Logsdon (OR): ZuurPruim
M.I.A (FL): Big in Japan, Neon
Maui (HI): Imperial Coconut Porter
Pizza Boy (PA): Lemon Dairy
Rare Barrel (CA): Ensorcelled, Cosmic Dust
Schramm’s (MI): The Statement
SOLE (PA): Over 9000
The Alchemist (VT): Beelzebub, Heady Topper, Focal Banger
The Bruery: Black Tuesday (2014/2015/2016), Rue D’Floyd
Three Floyd’s (IN): Dark Lord
Toppling Goliath (IA): Scorpius Morchela
Transmitter (NY): NY5
Triple C (NC): BBA Up All Night
Urban Artifact (OH): Perpetuum
Westvleteren (BEL): XII, VIII
Weyerbacher (PA): Brunicorn, Blasphemy

“Sour & Funk” (Sours, Brett, Gose, Wild Ales)

Almanac (CA): Tangerine de Brettaville
Ass Clown (NC): Starfruit Tart
August Schell (MN): Tidal Disruption
Blackberry Farm (TN): Cellar Reserve
Bond Brothers (NC): Duality of Funk, Disenchantment
Captain Lawrence (NY): Hops N’ Roses
Cigar City (FL): Raspberry Grove, Blackberry Grove
D9 (NC): Viking
Durty Bull (NC): Blonde Sour
Fair State (MN): Lichtenhainer
Firestone Walker (CA): Agrestic (2015)
Forager (MN): Twisted Zweig
Full Steam (NC): Little Mountain Gose
Gizmo (NC): Strawberry Gose
Green Bench (FL): Saison de Banc Vert, Saison de Banc Noir
Haw River (NC): Mixed Berry & Pink Peppercorns, Golden Organic Ground Cherry
Hi-Wire (NC): Sour Blonde
Indeed (MN): Wooden Soul Cherry Dust
Insight (MN): Redbird, Funken City
J Wakefield (FL): Haroob Hits Miami, Orange Dreamsicle
Jolly Pumpkin (MI): La Roja du Kriek
Kent Falls (NY): Getaway
M.I.A. (FL): Que Sera Cerveza, Regresa A Mi
Natty Greens (NC): American Sour 2015
New Braunfels (TX): Das Lokal
New Glarus (WI): Wisconsin Belgian Red
Night Shift (MA): Cape Codder Weisse
Old Dishoom (OK): American Solara
Perennial (MO): Savant Blanc
Phantom Carriage (CA): Cellar Blend Vol 1, Rathbone
Ranger Creek (TX): Small Batch #11
Sante Adarius (CA): Four Legs Good
Steel String (NC): Obvious Child, Brett Mon, Pretty Polly
Strangeways (VA): Wake Me Up Before You Gose
Surly (MN): Pentagram, Unbridled
The Bruery (CA): Saixon, Batch #1731, Derde Golf, Sour in the Rye w/ Kumquats, Jurassic Gose, Beauregarde, Befuddlement, Ukulele
Trinity (CO): Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta, Red Swingline
Upland (IN): Orchid
Urban Artifact (OH): Escapement, Palmistry Luau, Slide Rule
Westbrook (SC): Blueberry Weisse Weisse Baby, Gose
Weyerbacher (PA): Riserva
Wicked Weed (NC): La Bonté, Resonare, Bombadile, Lunatic

“Other Fine Sh!t” (Browns, Barleywines, Scotch, Reds, Meads, Ciders)

Actual (OH): Tenacity, Vivacity
Alesong (OR): Maestro
Artifact (MA): Roxbury
B. Nektar (MI): Mutant Killer Zombie, Ancient Soul Lifetime #1, Pineapple Coconut Express
Bad Weather (MN): Due Date 2
Bauhaus (MN): Over the Charts
Blakes (MI): Wakefire, El Chavo
Brueprint (NC): Edinbrue
Burial (NC): Bolo
Cambridge (MA): Arquebus
Central Waters (MO): 17th Anniversary
Cigar City (FL): Dark Woods, Winter Warmer
Coppertail (FL): Seasonal Relief
DuClaw (NC): eXile X-11
Ecliptic (OR): Orange Giant
Firestone (CA): Double Rye DBA
Five Stones (TX): Camo
Fonta Flora (NC:) Plumage
Forager (MN): Sider
Gizmo (NC): Peanut Butter Brown, Enigma, Trebuchet
Green Man (NC): Holly King
Guadalupe (TX): Scotch Ale
Hi-Wire (NC): Raspberry Wheat Wine
Hoppin’ Frog (OH): Barrel Aged Outta Kilter, Re-Pete 2X
Jolly Pumpkin (MI): Forgotten Tales
Keepsake (MN): Wild Cider
Kent Falls (NY): Anachronism
King Harbor (CA): King Swirly the 2nd, King Swirly the 3rd
Lakewood (TX): Thread Spinner, Grand Allowance
Madtree (OH): Nucleus
Milk & Honey (MN): Heirloom Cider
Mustache (NY): Snugg
No Label (TX): 5 Year Anniversary
Number 12 Cider House (MN): Chestnut Semidry
Old Hickory (NC): Irish Walker
Perennial (MO): 2015 Cider
Ponysaurus (NC): Scotch Ale
Pulpit Rock (IA): Guatemala Pour Over
Rahr (TX): Number 12
Ranger Creek (TX): BBA Wheat Wine
Right Brain (MI): North Shore Ironworks
Schramm’s (MI): Nutmeg, Ginger
Seventh Son (OH): Mr. Owl
Strange Land (TX): Bishopsgate
The Bruery (CA): Mash & Coconut, Eight Maids a Milking, Bois, Poterie, Mash & French Toast
Toppling Goliath (IA): Naughty Temple
Trillium (MA): Day and Night
Triple C (NC): Kind of a Big Deal (ginger and boysenberry)
Troegs (PA): Scratch Series Impending Dissent
Trve (CO): Revengeance
Unibroue (CAN): Trader Joe’s 2012 Vintage
Urban Artifact (OH): Corcog, Thoroughbred
Weyerbacher (PA): Cinnsanity
Wicked Weed (NC): Dark Age
Wynwood (FL): El Barrio

“Freshies” (Pale, IPA, DIPA, Kolsch, Golden)

Arcadia (MI): Hopmouth
Barrier (NY): Money
Boneyard (OR): RPM, Hop-A-Wheelie, Hop Venom
Burial (NC): Surf Wax, Hawkbill
Cellarmaker (CA): Clear & Present Dankness
Cigar City (FL): Guayabera
Creature Comforts (GA): Tropicalia
Fieldwork (CA): Grove Stand, Orchard Street
Finback (NY): Double Sess
Forager (MN): Shag Session
Fort George (OR): 3-Way IPA
Great Notion (OR): Ripe, Fortunate Son
Halfacre (IL): Moonset, Tuna, Vallejo
Industrial Arts (NY): Metric
Insight (MN): Crazy Aunt, Banshee Cutter
KCBC (NY): Komputer Phone
Lawson’s (VT): Sip of Sunshine
Lost Nation (VT): Mosaic IPA
Maui (HI): Ali’i Pilsner, Lorenzini Blood Orange IPA
Modist (MN): Dream Yard
Mumford (CA): Butterfly Scratch
Newburgh (NY): Mega Boss
Night Shift (MA): Santilli
Peekskill (NY): NYPA, Amaze Balls
Pipeworks (IL): Lizard King
Pizza Boy (PA): Wheezin in the Juice
Revolution (IL): Galaxy Hero
Saint Boniface (PA): Offering #33
Springhouse (PA): Creature #5
Tallgrass (KS): Key Lime Pie
The Alchemist (VT): Heady Topper, Crusher, Focal Banger, Broken Spoke
Topping Goliath (IA): Pseudo Sue, Golden Nugget
Trillium (MA): Mettle, DDH Stillings
Triple C (NC): Golden Girl

“Belgians” (Dubbel/Tripel/Quad/Saisons

Blackberry Farm (TN): Tripel, Daily Miel, From Tennessee with Smoke
Brain Dead (TX): Bent de Garde
Brewmaster Jack (MA): Tennessee Prinse
Brouwerij Roman (BEL): Adriaen Brouwer
Burial (NC): Keeper’s Veil, Fall of the Rebel Angels
Cambridge (MA): Quadrupel
Deep River (NC): JoCo White Tater
Fieldwork (CA): Calypso
Gizmo (NC): Deep Blue Saison
Green Bench (FL): The Dancing Chickens
Haw River (NC): Rusted Plow
Haw River (NC): Saxy Machismo
Hedonis (BEL): Ouwen Duiker
Hill Farmstead (VT): Florence, Arthur, Farmer Wave
IcoNYC (NY): Proper Saison
Jackie O’s (OH): Hockhocking
Jester King (TX): Kollaborationsbier
Lakewood (TX): Red Wine Barrel Till & Toil, Antigoon’s Revenge
Maui (HI): Father Damien
Mustache (NY): Champagne Showers
Night Shift (MA): Matisse
Oxbow (ME): Crossfade
Ponysaurus (NC): Don’t Be Mean to People
Ranger Creek (TX): Small Batch #12
Saint Somewhere (FL): Saison Athene
Steel String (NC): Poor Laurie
Stift Engelszell (BEL): Gregorius
Sugar Creek (NC): Atmosphera Tripel
The Collective (TX): Suspicious Delicious
The Unknown (NC): Stupid Flanders
Transmitter (NY): S1
Triple C (NC): The Force
Trve (CO): Life’s Trade, Buried Son
VanderGhinste (BEL): Oud Bruin
Weyerbacher (PA): 20th Anniversary, Blasphemy, Merry Monks
Wicked Weed (NC): Arcanic, Quad, Lunatic, Bedeviled
Zebulon (NC): Thai Basil Witbier
Zundert (BEL): Trappist #8

The Dark Side (Porters, Stouts – Imperial & non, barrel-aged & non)

5 Stones (TX): Fracking Blackstrap
Aardwolf (NC): Rum BA White Russian
Adroit Theory (VA): Black Celebration
Against the Grain (KY): Bo & Luke
Alesmith (CA): Mexican Speedway Stout
Alewerks (VA): Café Royale
Bent Paddle (MN): Cold Press Black
Bottle Logic (CA): Byzantine Vision, Space Trace
Burlington (VT): Chunky and Jelly
Carton (NJ): Cosmonaut
Cigar City (FL): Hunahpu’s (2016), Café Americano
Cigar City (FL): Marshall Zhukov’s
Clown Shoes (MA): The Good The Bad and The Unidragon
Crank Arm (NC): Holier Spokes
Dark Horse (MI): Plead the 5th
Evil Twin (NY): Michigan Maple Jesus
Forager (MN): Sherpa’s Survival Kit
Founders (MI): KBS (2015)
Freetail (TX): Local Coffee Stout
Grimm (NY): Double Negative, Sumi Ink
Hardywood (VA): Christmas Morning, Kentucky Christmas Morning, Bourbon Barrel GBS, Apple Brandy Barrel GBS
Hopping Frog (OH): Sippin’ Into Darkness
Jackie O’s (OH): Dark Apparition
Lakewood (TX): Bourbon Barrel Temptress
Laughing Dog (ID): Anubis
Laughing Dog (ID): The Dogfather
M.I.A. (FL): Little Friend
Modern Times (CA): Mega Black House
Mother Earth (NC): Silent Night
Nightshift (MA): Bean Porter
Nightshift (MA): Darkling
Off Color (IL): Dino Smores
Omnipollo (DEN): Selassie
Orpheus (GA): The Ferry Man
Perrin (MI): Unfinished Business
Pipeworks (IL): Coffee Break Abduction
Pisgah (NC): Mole Stout
Raleigh (NC): The Toll
Revolution (IL): Mean Jean
Spring House (PA): Spinal Remains
Tallgrass: Buffalo Sweat, Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat
The Alchemist (VT): Beelzebub
The Bruery (CA): So Happen It’s Tuesday, Smoking Wood, Grey Monday, Share This Mole, White Chocolate, Black Tuesday (2016), Rue D’Floyd
The Unknown (NC): Venture
Trillium (MA): PM Dawn
Triple C (NC): The Dude Imbibes, Up All Night, BBA Up All Night, Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Trophy (NC): El Hombre
Weyerbacher (PA): Heresy, Sunday Mole Stout, Sunday Morning Stout, Finally Legal
Wicked Weed (NC): Hop Cocoa, French Toast

How many bottles were there? I am not really sure. When we first started talking about this event, I was told there would be 250 beers; then posters were made up that said 300. A few days ago Hazen was in New York and informed me he was picking up 20 more bottles. Between that and other last minute donations I would guess that there were close to 350 different beers available.

While Hazen purchased a majority of the beer several breweries made donations including, King Harbor Brewing, Ranger Creek, Maui, Creature Comforts, Jackie O’s, M.I.A., Toppling Goliath, Night Shift, Transmitter, Bond Brothers, Lakewood Brewing, The Alchemist, Boneyard, Half Acre, Great Notion, Weyerbacher Brewing and The Rare Barrel.

The blind auction had items donated by El Segundo Brewing, Select Beer Store, Zymurgy Brew Works, Deep Seeded, King Harbor Brewing, Brewco Manhattan Beach, The Alchemist, Chad’s Beer Cellar, and Liberation Brewing.

The Ralph n Richie’s food truck was there with their special sandwiches for those seeking food.

As you can probably guess, it was a great time with almost too many beers to choose from. I remember a few people coming up to express what a great time they were having, rattling off the numerous brews they had already sampled; and we were only a half hour into it.

Congratulations to Chad Hazen, Richstone Family Center and King Harbor Brewing Company for putting on an amazing event, and thanks to all the volunteers that helped make the event glitch-free. If this was the last of these events, so be it, but I am pretty sure I can find 100 people that would be willing to do it again. Cheers!

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