12th Annual IPA Festival at Naja’s Place Photos

These photos were taken Thursday afternoon at Naja’s Place, on the International Boardwalk, where day one of their 12th Annual IPA Festival was held. As usual, the event featured IPAs of every type, from Sessions to Quads.

The weather was a typical, slightly cool, May Gray day, which may have accounted for the slow start to the event, but my Instagram and Facebook feeds seemed to indicate that as working stiffs got off work, Naja’s seemed to get a little more crowded.

Thursday was the kickoff event, with today (Friday) being their Locals Collaborations day, and Saturday being Pizza Port day which will feature a special IPA brewed for Naja’s Place. The event runs through the 25th.

For those unfamiliar with how the IPA Festival works, you will buy your first beer for $12, which includes a commemorative glass; hold on to the glass and get refills for $5, $6, $8, or $11, pretty much depending on the ABV of the beer; the higher the ABV, the higher the refill price.

Naja’s Place opens at 2:00 PM on weekdays, and noon Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Naja’s Place is located at 154 International Boardwalk in Redondo Beach. Cheers!

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