Ultimate Beerfest OC – Refunds are being issued

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It is Monday and since I posted my review and photos from Saturday’s Ultimate Beerfest I have been interviewed by a couple Orange County newspapers and statements have been attributed to me by others. Since this site seems to be the only one capable of seeing both sides of the situation, I went ahead and reached out to the event organizers, Karma Media Group, and offered to let them provide their side of things that went wrong.

From my brief discussions with them I have learned that at least some of the events paid staff was turned away at the gate; however, this may have been due to improper procedures with the credentials. Karma Media has stated that they really cannot talk about things at this point in time due to “politics.” What they have told me is that the fairgrounds played a significant part in the “debacle” when staff was turned away. They also assured me that they are already processing refunds for session two tickets issued directly through them and they are waiting for a determination from third party voucher issuers as to how to proceed. I would take that to mean that if you got your tickets through Living Social, you are going to have to wait until they decide how they want to handle the refunds. When I hear more, and I am sure I will, I will pass it along. Cheers!

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