James Bardeen

Introducing Far Field Beer Company

These photos were taken Wednesday afternoon, when I headed over to Lawndale to visit the soon-to-open Far Field Beer Company. Yes, you read that right; Lawndale is getting their first craft brewery and tasting room; and the SpaceX Corridor is back to having four breweries.

When I first heard that Lawndale was getting a brewery, I had to question it; for as long as I have been the Craft Beer Guy, I thought that Lawndale had some law that made it difficult, if not impossible, to open a brewery in the city. When I discovered their location, the north side of Rosecrans just west of Hawthorne, I was relatively confident that was Hawthorne. Well, apparently Lawndale does a little jog across Rosecrans for a couple blocks. So, while the post office and your GPS will tell you it is in Hawthorne, they got their Conditional Use Permit through Lawndale. Continue reading

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