Pink Boots Brew at Eureka Brewing

These photos were taken Wednesday afternoon at Eureka Brewing Company in Gardena, where they participated in the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day; the Pink Boots Society’s largest fundraiser. The Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day typically is held on International Women’s Day, but really can be done any day of the year. The “Pink Boots Blend” is made up of hops from Yakima Chief Hops and a grain bill from Country Malt Group. Breweries around the globe purchase the proprietary blend, with the proceeds going to the Pink Boots Society.

Each brewery usually tweaks the recipe to brew the beer best suited for their client base. Eureka is brewing an IPA, Together We Hop, which will be ready for drinking in about three weeks.

I arrived at Eureka around noon and was informed that I had just missed several women that had attended for the first half of the brew. While I was there, most of the process was being taken care of by assistant brewers Vanessa and Sam, sales person Alexis, and a couple guys that showed up to take part in and observe the brewing process; with head brewer Phil watching over them while answering questions about beer and the science of brewing. Phil’s dad was there manning the grill, serving up chicken and carne asada for lunch.

Vanessa set up a display featuring different hops that Eureka uses, as well as the Pink Boots Blend for comparison, she also set up a few of the malted grains they use. I have to admit, that part of the tasting room smelled delicious.

Thanks to Eureka Brewing for the invitation and I look forward to returning in three weeks to try Together We Hop. Cheers!

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Back to Photos from the Pink Boots Brew Day at Eureka Brewing

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