Ribbon Cutting at Eureka Brewing Company

These photos were taken Wednesday evening at Eureka Brewing Company, where the City of Gardena officially welcomed Eureka to the city with a ribbon cutting that was combined with Gardena’s employee’s Christmas party.

Okay, you are right, Eureka Brewing has been open a year now, ribbon cuttings typically coincide with grand openings, but as we all know by now, not much about 2020 was what one might consider “typical.”

From what I gather, the City of Gardena had planned on reserving Eureka for a private Christmas party for their employees. When it was realized that Gardena had never really had an opportunity to welcome Eureka to the community, or present Eureka to Gardena’s employees it was decided that Gardena would combine their Christmas party with a “welcome to Gardena” ribbon cutting.

The City put on a nice event, with what looked like some tasty appetizers for all from local Gardena businesses and a drawing for the employees that showed up. They also presented Eureka Brewing with a certificate welcoming them to the city.

Eureka Brewing Company is located at 13723 1/2 Harvard Place in Gardena. They are open seven days a week, are dog friendly, have outdoor seating, and offer multiple to-go beer options. Cheers!

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