Project Barley Square Grand Opening Photos

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon at Project Barley Square in Torrance, where they officially celebrated their grand opening in Torrance. The event featured eight draft brews, five hand pulled ales, a couple beer cocktails, and their typical offerings of wines and ciders. The day also included live music and the introduction of their new food menu.

In case you were not aware, the end of 2022 saw the “closure” of Yorkshire Square Brewery, which was immediately taken over by Project Barley, so the transition was fairly seamless.

As this was my second event of the day, the celebration had been going on for several hours by the time I arrived, but it seemed that it was very well attended.

Live music was provided by the Old Ale Boys, Barley, and Just in Time; the dining area was full and the music seemed to be well received.

The food menu seemed to keep the kitchen busy, as I saw lots of burgers and other dishes coming out as a steady stream. Personally, I grabbed one of the remaining servings of their Irish stew and Irish soda bread; I had no regrets.

Congratulations to Brent, Rives and Mike (W.T.) on what appears to be another successful venture in the South Bay’s craft beer scene. Cheers!

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