Joel Elliott rides 328 miles for Hannah’s Voice

Elliott winning

Joel Elliott completes 328 miles in 26.5 hours

On Saturday afternoon, Strand Brewing Company co-owner and head brewer Joel Elliott set off with a couple dozen friends, family and general supporters on a 328 mile bicycle ride to bring awareness to his daughter, Hannah, and her diagnosed Selective Mutism. This rare condition renders children and young adults unable to speak at times. As this condition negatively affects a student’s ability to learn, Elliott feels that the Torrance Unified School District has failed to provide his daughter with the proper support required for a special needs child.

The 328 miles represents the approximate number of days that his daughter has been a student without the proper support. While Elliott set a goal of completing this ride in 24 hours, taking time off for bathroom breaks, changing his socks and some leg massages he actually completed the ride in less than 26.5 hours. Actual saddle time came close to 24 hours so he was pretty darn close in accomplishing his goal. After the ride Elliott was understandably a little worn, but he came into the Strand Brewing Company taproom to thank everyone for their support claiming that this was a group effort.

To help offset some of the costs the Elliott family has incurred in their battle with the school district a donation jar was available as well as I Am Hannah’s Voice t-shirts.

Now that the ride is over, Elliott has requested that please take the time to write an email touching on these three points:

1) It is unacceptable that the district is failing to provide Hannah with the support that she needs and is entitled to.
2) We demand that the district take immediate action to resolve the situation.
3) Hannah’s voice will not be silenced.

Please sign it “Hannah’s Voice”

It is requested that you send it to the following three people:

Dr. George Mannon

Valerie Williams

Jacqueline Williams
Special Education

For more details please visit the Facebook event page that was set up at In solidarity with Joel the following gallery was limited to 328 photos. Cheers!

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