Dust Bowl Brewing Releases Taco Truck Lime

taco truck lime

Taco Truck Lime – Now in cans!

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. announces the release of Taco Truck Lime, a crisp Mexican lager with a hint of lime and sea salt. This year-round beer joins an already popular line-up of Taco Truck Lager and Taco Truck Amber, which were first introduced in 2016. Easy-drinking at 4.7% ABV, Taco Truck Lime is available in 12oz cans / six packs and 12 packs as well as draft / 5.2 and 15.5 gallon kegs.

“The lime variation has always been a great seller in our taprooms on draft, so it just seemed like a natural decision to put it in cans and add it to the popular Taco Truck line-up,” shares Don Oliver, Brewmaster. “The addition of lime and sea salt creates a flavor profile that resonates with Mexican lager fans. The initial response has been impressive and we’ve already ordered another truckload of cans after just a few weeks in the market.”

With 15 year-round beers in its portfolio, this is the first time Dust Bowl Brewing Co. has simultaneously introduced a new beer in both six pack and 12 pack can formats. “We normally do some test marketing with the six pack format before investing in the 12 pack offering, but during 2022 forecast discussions with our wholesalers, we became confident the larger package option would increase our sales at the outset,” comments Marc Jalbert, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Dust Bowl has significantly grown its chain presence in the last year driven by a variety of new innovations that appeal to consumers. Taco Truck Lime is the latest new offering from Dust Bowl and is off to a great start. We’re excited to see what Taco Truck Lime will do this year.”

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. is putting a significant marketing effort behind the Taco Truck Lime brand launch. In addition to traditional support materials, a strategic campaign entitled “Live. Laugh. Lime.” was created by Seattle-based Blindtiger Design. The campaign showcases graphic “lime characters” enjoying the refresher in various settings and seasons. The clever characters can be seen kicking back in the sun, catching a wave, embracing holidays, playing sports and more.

“We wanted to go big with Taco Truck Lime,” adds Michelle Peterson, Marketing and Public Relations
Manager. “The “Live. Laugh. Lime.” campaign allows our sales team to have a range of display options for every retailer. The series of designs keeps displays fresh and eye-catching. As our chain business has grown, so, too, has the need to compete for floor space. Having a larger marketing “tool chest” strengthens our position with wholesalers and allows us to reach more consumers. We also developed the campaign in Spanish, which positions us better in the Hispanic market.”

Strong brand equity has emerged since 2016 when Taco Truck first made its debut. The bold, simple design gives hierarchy to the Taco Truck name, which pays homage to California’s Central Valley iconic taco trucks. Taco Truck Lime comes in a bright green can, nicely complimenting the yellow and blue cans of the Lager and Amber styles that rolled out first.

Dust Bowl beers are distributed throughout California, its home state, as well as Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Arizona.

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. produced its first beer in May 2009. The company is owned by Brett and Karen Tate and Brett and Camy Honoré, who became the Tate’s business partners in 2010. The company built and moved its production to a 30,000 sq. ft. brewery and taproom, located in Turlock, California, in June 2016. Dust Bowl Brewing Co. beers are available in 5.2 and 15.5 gallon kegs along with selected styles in 22 oz. and 12 oz. bottles and 19.2 oz., 16 oz. and 12 oz. cans. Distribution includes California, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont. Dust Bowl Brewing Co. achieved Regional Brewer status in 2020 with an annual production of over 16,500 barrels and produced over 21,000 barrels in 2021. The craft brewery showcases a wide variety of its beers at its three California taprooms, the Brewery Taproom located in Turlock, the Tap Depot in Monterey and the Old Town Tap House in Elk Grove. More information may be found at www.dustbowlbrewing.com.

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