CA Craft Beer Summit Day One Photos

These photos were taken Thursday afternoon at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, where the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) kicked off the beginning of a three day celebration of California craft beer and the CCBA’s 30 years of protecting and supporting 1000 breweries in the state of California.

Thursday was a day of education, networking and an expo for brewers, retailers, distributors, craft beer lovers, and homebrewers. Whether you were seeking hops or hardware, cans or labels, a canning line or a new brewhouse, there was a vendor there for you. And there was beer; lots of California craft beer with each brewers guild in the state having their own booth scattered among the vendors.

The guilds included the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild, the Orange County Brewers Guild, the Central Coast Brewers Guild, the San Diego Brewers Build, the Sacramento Area Brewers Guild, the Bay Area Brewers Guild, and the Inland Empire Brewers Guild. Each booth broke up their beer offerings into two sessions to provide maximum exposure to their member breweries.

There were also training seminars with speakers discussing subjects such as flavor training, food pairings, a history of beer trends, the state of the industry and various obstacles that come with owning a brewery.

The day ended with the California Craft Brewers Cup awards ceremony. California Craft Brewers Cup Best of Show went to Rip Current Brewing for their Breakline Bock, a Traditional German-Style Bock. The California Brewery of the Year went to Crooked Lane Brewing Company; with the California Guild of the Year going to the Sacramento Area Brewers Guild. The full list of California Craft Brewers Cup winners can be found at

I would like to thank Absolution Brewing Company, in Torrance, for sponsoring all my photos from Thursday. Cheers!

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