Bruery Terreux Now Open

These photos were taken Thursday afternoon at a preview of the new Bruery Terreux tasting room that is opening to the public at noon Friday. From this point forward they are open daily from 12:00-10:00 PM.

If you will recall, it was June 2014 that The Bruery announced that they were going to open Terreux (pronounced terr – ooh) as the location where they would concentrate on their wild ales and sours without risking the quality of the other fine brews The Bruery was turning out in Placentia. Because those pesky Brettanomyces really fly, they took no chances and opened the second facility three miles away in Anaheim; that and the City of Anaheim seemed really anxious to have them.

Bruery Terreux hoped to open their tasting room last summer, but I think we have all watched enough tasting rooms open around here to guess that wasn’t going to happen; permits, permits, permits. Anyway, it only took two years, which is not bad and it was worth the wait.

Arriving slightly early I took advantage of what I thought was a parking spot close to the entrance; it turned out I was in the back, so I got the opportunity to walk around the location.

The first thing you have to notice is the clean looking Terreux logo on the side of the building, but right after that is the fact that they have a very large patio with seating for about 120 people. It is probably going to be full on the upcoming summer nights. The interior tasting room is slightly smaller than the Placentia location, but with the patio, Anaheim has double the seating. They also have three times the number of stations you can order at, even with the 150 people that were there Thursday, lines moved quickly.

Upon entering you cannot help but appreciate not only how well the tasting room’s decor compliments the Terreux cellar, but just how massive the cellar is. There are 1,700 barrels in there; all of them full. It is pretty impressive.

For those wondering, they do not brew at Bruery Terreux; The Bruery takes care of that, then the wort is transported to Anaheim and Jeremy Grinkey, Bruery Terreux Production Supervisor, decides what kind of magic to work on it to turn out delicious offerings like Tart of Darkness or Frambulous.

I cannot tell if the tap list is exactly the same at both locations, but both The Bruery and Bruery Terreux will carry each other’s beers. At Bruery Terreux there are 26 beers to choose from, including Society and Hoarders Society taps.

Bruery Terreux is located at 1174 N. Grove Street in Anaheim. As mentioned above, they are open daily, noon until 10:00 PM. Cheers!

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