Absolution Brewing Mid-Summer Party 2018

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon at the Absolution Brewing Company tasting room, where they held their Mid-Summer Party 2018. The event featured an all-you-can-taste firkin session, a live DJ set, live music, and a couple food trucks.

There are times during the year that it seems the weekends are non-stop craft beer events; this past Saturday was one of those days. Since there is only one of me, I am forced to split my time between events, and like Saturday, sometimes I have to skip an event or two.

When I have multiple events happening at the same time, I typically attend the one furthest from home, and work my way back; which meant that I went to Absolution Brewing first.

While I missed the portion of the event that had music I was there for the firkin session, since Absolution seems to really enjoy showcasing them. The firkin session featured their Brake Light Amber Ale, Angel’s Demise English IPA, Pineapple 405 IPA, Grateful Red Imperial Red Ale, and Forbidden Blonde Ale which was poured through a Randall that featured different hops every hour. It was interesting to see how much difference there was between the hop varieties used.

Food was made available by Shiroyama Sushi and Evan Angelo’s Gelateria. Cheers!

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