2nd Annual Holiday Bottle Share Benefiting Richstone Family Center

On Saturday afternoon, local craft beer hoarder Chad Hazen put about 150 bottles of his collection of rare craft beer up for his 2nd Annual Holiday Bottle Share Benefiting the Richstone Family Center; the event was held at the King Harbor Brewing Company’s tasting room. All of the monies raised went to the Richstone Family Center which is located in Hawthorne. The Richstone Family Center is dedicated to preventing and treating child abuse.

I tried making sure all of you knew about this event, but a relatively few showed up. There was a cap of 100 tickets being sold, but if they sold 50, I would be surprised. If you meant to go but forgot, you blew it. Take a look at the list of brews we had available to us:

Stone: Enjoy After 10.31
Logsdon: Far West Vlaming
Crooked Stave: Batch 100
B Nektar: Black Fang
Strangeways: Portia, Olivia, Only brewed for Cuban Linx
Bruery: Chocolate Rain, Bois, Black Tuesday, Mocha Wednesday, Six Geese a Laying, Smoky and the Bois, Bois Fume, Smooth Criminal
NikelBrook: Winey Bastard
Spiteful Brewing: GFY stout
New Glarus: Serendipity, Raspberry Tart
Wicked Weed: Pompoen, Black Angel, Serenity, Medora, la Bonte, Silencio, Concurrant
Steel String: Chombers Four Sour
Revolution: Ryeway to Heaven, Deth’s Tar
Pipeworks: Raspberry Truffle Abduction, Mocha Abduction, Hey careful man, there’s a beverage here!
Weyerbacher: D’tango Unchained
Wild Heaven: FunkenRauch
Brooklyn: Intensified
Council: Beatitude Mango
Holy Mountain: Choir of the Sun
Sweetwater: Pit and Pendulum, Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout
Haw River: Saint Benedix breakfast double, Regents Rye Tripel, Cotton Pickin
Big boss: Night Night
Cascade: Blueberry
Redbrick: Imperial stout
Lost Abbey: track number 10
Cycle Brewing: Rare DOS
Bottle Logic: Fundamental Observation
Draail Laag: Blackbriar
Evil Twin: the Mini Dingo
Blue bee cider: charred ordinary
Triple C: eyes of the world
Anchorage: darkest hour
Firestone: 17th anniversary
Mother Earth: Fig and Raisin
Burial: the shroud
Lazy Magnolia: 10
Jekyll: Off the Grid
Founders: KBS
Asheville Brewing: Ninjabread Man
Three Floyds: Dark Lord, Pear Bear
Mikerphone: Techno Gorilla
Three Taverns: Theophan the Recluse
Green Man: Holly King
Funky Buddha: Morning Wood, Last Snow
J. Wakefield: Master Blaster, Miami Madness
M.I.A.: Czar Face
Beachwood Blendery: 004, 008

While selling 100 tickets would have definitely been a good thing for Richstone Family Center, the smaller than expected attendance meant no lines for anything and lots of leftover beer. I had a few people come up and tell me that they had never been to a beer event quite as good as what we experienced Saturday. It was like attending the Firestone Invitational without the crowds or heat.

As I mentioned, there was a lot of leftover beer; Chad Hazen told me yesterday that he wants to have another bottle share this coming spring so mark your calendars. I don’t have a specific date yet, so just block off spring until I get a confirmed date; you really do not want to miss the next bottle share Hazen puts on at King Harbor Brewing. Cheers!

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