TrustedGut Grand Opening Photos

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon at the TrustedGut/King Harbor Brewery and Taproom in Redondo Beach, where TrustedGut and a few hundred of their friends, fans, and family gathered to celebrate their grand opening. The well attended event featured a ribbon cutting, three food trucks, a couple different live bands and DJs, games and a Guinness World Record attempt.

First off, a couple observations; I don’t know who Chris at TrustedGut knows, but that person set us up with amazing weather; one of the nicest days of 2024. Lots of t-shirts out there yesterday; I am wearing a sweater today, so well done on the weather. Secondly, TrustedGut promotes themselves as a family and pet friendly taproom, and it sure showed yesterday; lots of families and so many dogs. Even the dogs all seemed to enjoy the groove.

When I first walked up I could not help but notice that the parking lot was all fenced in. When I entered, I completely understood why. The parking lot was set up to play pickle ball, ping pong, a beer pong variation, and more. In other words there were balls and kids everywhere; the fencing helped keep them from ending out on 182nd Street.

There were three local favorite food trucks; Buddha Boy Tacos, Magic Hibachi Japanese Grill and Felice Italian Catering.

For people that had never watched a beer being brewed before, the TrustedGut pilot system was brought out and a guest brewer, Chris from Bonaventure Brewing, brewed an IPA and was answering questions for those that had them.

The highlight of the day was the attempt at a Guinness World Record, stacking beer cans, which was 38 cans and held by a guy in Iraq. We had three people attempt to shatter this record, Chris K., Laura, and Jamie. I have to say, this is harder than it looks. Laura did the best with 18, and they had to give her a ladder to use after about the tenth can. Very nice try, maybe next time.

In summary, this was a very fun day and I think the community has welcomed TrustedGut with open arms. Cheers!

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