The Propagator 8th Anniversary Photos

These photos were taken early Saturday afternoon at Firestone Walker’s Venice/Marina del Rey location, The Propagator, where they celebrated The Propagator’s 8th Anniversary with a “Block Party” featuring beer and food specials, live music, a sensory challenge, and the release of their Gen-8 IPA.

I rode out there with my friend and mechanic to the craft beer stars, Mike Wondrash. We arrived shortly after they opened, and while the weather was a little brisk, with threatening skies, the outdoor patio was set up to handle the drizzle that might occur and while there were not exactly throngs in attendance, I would say a majority of them were hanging outside.

In retrospect, people may have been outside because of the live music provided by Pop Vision; they were a very upbeat band.

Also out on the patio was an outside pouring station; a pouring station with a twist in that they were conducting a sensory challenge. They would give you a taster, for free, and you were supposed to guess which of 35 options you were handed. Depending on whether you could figure it out based on looks, smell, or taste, you would win a prize. I failed miserably.

In addition to all the amazing beers one expects to find at any Firestone Walker location, they released Gen-8 IPA. If memory serves, Gen-1 was the first beer brewed at The Propagator; of course I had to bring some home.

Congratulations to Firestone Walker, specifically everyone at The Propagator. No doubt there has been some weirdness and hardships over the last several years but I think it is safe to say that we in the Los Angeles area really appreciate your presence. Cheers!

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