Photos from Chads Rare Beer Tasting for Richstone Family Center

I am not going to say I told you so, but I was not kidding when I suggested that Chad Hazen’s prior beer tasting benefits for the Richstone Family Center were better than any beer festival I have attended; and that includes the Firestone Invitational. Yesterday’s rare beer tasting at the Steinhaus at Alpine Village was no exception; everyone had the same comment as soon as they walked into the area set aside for us, where do I start?

Shortly after the event started, a Craft Beer Guy follower walked up to thank me for promoting the event as he had had “Heady Topper, Westvleteren 12, Rare Barrel, and Dark Lord all in the first 15 minutes.” Try doing that at your favorite beer festival.

As you look through the photos you are going to notice lots and lots of great beer and lots of big smiles. People really could not help themselves; it really was like an adult version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, with all the attendees having won a Golden Ticket.

Many thanks to Chad Hazen for putting together this extreme beer event; your beer hoarding is only exceeded by your generosity. Other than a few donated beers, the beer all came from Chad’s personal stash. All the money, other than $5.00 from each ticket that went to the Alpine Village, was donated by Chad to the Richstone Family Center which is based in Hawthorne. The Richstone Family Center is dedicated to preventing and treating child abuse.

Thanks also to the Steinhaus Restaurant and Beerhall for letting us use a section of your restaurant; it really made for a nice setting.

Chad is already planning his fourth rare beer tasting and I can say with no hesitation or reservation that you want to be there; I will keep you posted. Cheers!

Back to Photos of Chad’s Rare Beer Tasting Benefiting Richstone Family Center

Back to Photos of Chad’s Rare Beer Tasting Benefiting Richstone Family Center

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