Bernie Wire Visits the South Bay

These photos were taken Friday afternoon at The Slice and Pint (in El Segundo), El Segundo Brewing Company, and Naja’s Place in Redondo Beach as I joined, the loved by all, Bernie Wire in his return tour of a few of his favorite haunts. For those not in the know, Bernie was a photographer of craft beer events, and breweries, a couple years before I started doing it on purpose. Bernie was always a fan favorite (he’s a lot nicer than me), but he moved to Minnesota a few years ago, so if you are new to the LA craft beer scene you may not know him, otherwise, I am sure you will recognize him in the photos if you don’t know him personally.

Several of his friends and fans started the afternoon at The Slice and Pint where we enjoyed fresh beer as well as multiple items from the Slice and Pint menu; including, salad, chicken wings, meatballs, pizza and more. The Slice and Pint will satisfy most of your culinary desires if you are in the neighborhood.

As pretty much everyone but Bernie and I had to get [back] to work and we had some time to kill, we walked over to El Segundo Brewing Company where Bernie was able to visit with a few other friends while I enjoyed their fresh hop IPA, The Inspiration. I can’t wait until they can it.

After visiting with people at El Segundo Brewing we headed over to Naja’s Place for Day 3 of their 13th Annual IPA Festival. Naturally, it was another Bernie Lovefest; I mean, who doesn’t love Bernie?

As big a fan as I might be, it was time for me to sign off. Great to see you my friend and I look forward to the next time. Cheers!

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Back to Photos of Bernie’s South Bay Visit

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