Craft Beer Guy Visits Urban Roots and Oak Park Brewing

These photos were taken Wednesday afternoon, March 22, at Urban Roots Brewing and Smokehouse, and Oak Park Brewing Co., two of Sacramento’s Black owned brewpubs; in the interest of full disclosure, I have been unable to figure out if Sacramento has any other Black owned breweries, but that has nothing to do with this article.

After the final session of the California Craft Beer Summit, Tomm and I decided to hit up a couple local breweries because he had never visited any in Sacramento. Even thought I visited Urban Roots in 2021, I got there kind of late in the evening and they were still observing COVID protocol so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to pay another visit post-COVID. Oak Park Brewing had a booth on the expo floor at the Craft Beer Summit and we had both enjoyed a couple of their offering, so we decided to make them our second stop.

Urban Roots opened in 2018, and had 22 beers on tap as well as a couple ciders and an extensive barrel room, which seemed to have grown since my prior visit. As you probably guessed by the name, they also serve food and have a pretty extensive menu featuring lots of smoked meats as well as tacos, fish, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and a lot more. Their tables were full of people enjoying the food as much as the beer.

I tried a few brews I had not had before; Love Your Roots #3 West Coast IPA, Blend In: Blackberry Raspberry Fruited Sour, and the Chocolate Mustache Raspberry Truffle. They were all solid, but I think I enjoyed Blended In the most, probably because it was different than anything I had tried over the past several days.

Urban Roots Brewing & Smokehouse is located at 1322 V Street in Sacramento. They are open Tuesday through Sunday, have cans to-go and their patio is dog friendly.

After grabbing some photos and beer while visiting with a few of the Summit attendees that also showed up, we headed over to Oak Park Brewing Company.

Oak Park Brewing was a little tough for me to get information on because they were a little busy when I was there, plus a friend of 36 years drove two hours to meet me there, so I didn’t make a great effort to research beyond taking photos, figuring I could get more details online when I got home. Unfortunately, their website gave me a malware warning, so I won’t be posting a link to them and I will go on what I saw in person and was able to figure out from other websites that seemed to be mostly behind paywalls, which I was not going to pay.

Anyway, from what I gather they originally opened around 2014, closed in 2018, then reopened in 2020. If the numbers are not exact, I apologize and you can request a refund if I gave you some inaccurate dates.

On Wednesday they had 14 beers, a cider and a seltzer on tap. Their Mother’s Pride Red Ale was pretty much what drew me there in the first place, but I had to try something a little different. I had the OPB IPA and Beer is Black History Imperial Stout. I enjoyed both, but I think Mother’s Pride was my favorite. My friend, a Swiss guy, had The Number Juan Pilsner, and he said he really enjoyed it.

They are a brewpub and they have a pretty nice food menu which features appetizers, salads, burgers and sandwiches, including vegan/vegetarian options. My friend, Roland, got The CBR Chicken Breast sandwich, which judging by how he powered it down, was enjoyed immensely.

Oak Park Brewing Co. is located at 3514 Broadway, in Sacramento. They are open seven days a week, have cans to-go and their patio is dog friendly. Cheers!

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Back to Photos from Urban Roots Brewing and Oak Park Brewing

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