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Aloha Linda Fundraiser – A true craft beer mom

This article is a little different than most of the articles you will find here; but this is a special situation that I find deserving, and I hope you will as well. While you may not be familiar with the name “Aloha Linda” Aloha’s real name is Linda Kral and anyone familiar with the Southern California craft beer scene has probably heard the name Kral. Aloha Linda is the mother of Firestone Walker Head Brewer Dustin Kral and Firestone Walker’s Regional Sales manager, Shane Kral. It would be difficult to deny that she has had a direct influence on craft beer in Southern California and anywhere else Firestone Walker is sold.

In 2008 Aloha Linda was diagnosed with kidney cancer. In the beginning she was treated by doctors in the United States and Mexico with some success. About a year ago year ago she found out that the tumor was back and she began doing natural remedies to shrink and kill the tumor. She recently had another CAT Scan that showed a very large malignant mass 10.7cm (tumor) on her left kidney again; it has metastasized and may spread to surrounding tissue. The reason for this article is that tomorrow Aloha is scheduled for surgery to have the tumor and her kidney removed. As you can imagine, this is a very expensive procedure so her friends and family are asking for our help.

A fundraising campaign has been started by a friend of Aloha’s as well as her sons Shane and Dustin on MyEvent has been around for 11 years and is a secure way of making donations to the cause. If you choose to mail a donation to her instead, her address is:
Linda Kral, 2052 Newport Blvd. 6-234, Costa Mesa, CA. 92627.

Any donations, large or small would be appreciated. If you cannot afford a cash donation, spreading the word via your favorite social media platform would be appreciated by the entire family. You can find all the details at Thank you in advance and good luck to Aloha Linda.

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