Pac City Brewery to Close Doors

Pac City staff

Pac City Brewery to Close

Pac City Brewery, Pacoima’s first and one of the San Fernando Valley’s only craft breweries will be closing their doors at the end of November. I spoke with Pac City Brewery owner, Robert Cortez, last night and he explained that it is with a heavy heart that he closes the doors at his current location but it just is not safe for their customers to come to the tasting room.

Ever since Pac City opened in April of 2014 they have been dealing with gang activity due in part to the fact that a housing project was virtually across the street and they considered Pac City to be on their turf. Attempts to get help from the City of Pacoima or LAPD were futile. When I visited them a month ago someone had attempted to break into their location the previous evening. Every time I spoke with Cortez he expressed his frustration and disgust at how his neighbors were treating his customers and his business. There were extortion attempts and even death threats. As there have been at least six homicides within a mile of the brewery this past summer, Cortez made the decision last night to close the doors at this location.

Apparently, Cortez has been looking for a new location already and in the meantime his brewing equipment will go into storage. As every experience is a lesson it is safe to say that Pac City Brewery will be abandoning their “Brewed in the Hood” slogan for something more fitting for next location which will definitely be in a better neighborhood. We will be watching and waiting. Cheers!

UPDATE: On November 17 I was contacted by Pac City Brewery owner, Robert Cortez, and he informed me there has been a change of plans. Apparently their closing was not particularly well-received by their fans; and one in particular made the suggestion that they close the tasting room all-together and concentrate on being a productions brewery. He backed up his comments with 1,700 pounds of grain and hops. Even LAPD is becoming more attentive; stay tuned for developments.

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