Meltdown 2023 at El Segundo Brewing

These photos were taken Saturday evening at the El Segundo Brewing Company’s brewery and tasting room where they held their annual Meltdown can release, with the release of Power Plant Triple IPA, Nuclear Power Plant Quad IPA, and Radioactive Fallout (Hazy) IPA. Food was available from Lower Case Deli who had a popup set up.

When I left Burnin’ Daylight’s 4th Anniversary celebration, I headed home to drop off the beer I purchased, then I headed over to El Segundo Brewing to check out their Meltdown celebration, specifically Power Plant, and if I had the opportunity, Nuclear Power Plant.

It was dark by the time I arrived at El Segundo Brewing, so I cannot really say what was happening earlier in the day, but they still had a pretty nice group of people there. After grabbing a few photos I was handed this year’s Power Plant (thanks Brandan); it was as delicious as I anticipated.

Earlier in the day someone asked me if I would be seeking out Pliny the Younger this year; I explained that while Younger was the first of its kind; that was 18 years ago. These days, Russian River and Vinny Cilurzo definitely deserve props for being the innovator, Younger has been reverse engineered to the point that other breweries are doing their own TIPAs, several of them better than Younger, in my opinion. Power Plant is one of those. While I was typing that out I remembered that Vinny Cilurzo published the recipe for Pliny the Elder several years ago, so I suppose he may have released the recipe for Younger, eliminating the need for reverse engineering. Anyway, the point is that Power Plant is closer, easier to obtain, and maybe even better than Pliny the Younger, so I will stick with that.

I was also able to try the Nuclear Power Plant, which was very good; in fact it was good enough that I attempted to pick up a 4-pak to-go, but unfortunately they were sold out. I was able to take home Power Plant though and there appeared to be plenty available when I left, but I would hurry over if you want some. All three beers, Power Plant, Nuclear Power Plant and Radioactive Fallout were still available on tap when I left.

Congratulations to the El Segundo Brewing team on another batch of great beers. Cheers!

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