Hermosa Brewing 6th Anniversary Photos

These photos were taken Saturday at Hermosa Brewing Company’s Torrance location where they had a party celebrating six years of brewing beer. I actually made two visits, the first being early in the afternoon with my friend Phil, on the way home from the Brouwerij West party. I returned a few hours later solo; those photos start on page two.

When Phil and I arrived there was still plenty of parking. They had a couple food trucks and almost as many dogs as people, which was definitely fine with me. We each had a beer and Phil got some food for his wife at which point we headed to his place.

When I returned the parking situation had definitely changed, but luckily arrangements had been made to utilize the parking lots of Hermosa Brewing’s neighbors so while it may have been a short walk, at least cars had somewhere to go.

The crowd had definitely increased after dark, and there was live musical entertainment.

The day also included the re-release of their 3 The Hard Way Hazy TIPA and Beach Sloth Blood Orange Lager. It was also time for the big reveal; Hermosa Brewing Company now makes Hermosa Hard Cider and Hermosa Wines. At the beginning of the year California breweries could start making wine, and Hermosa Brewing jumped right in at the opportunity.

To say that the past six years have not exactly been easy for Hermosa Brewing would be an understatement, but they definitely made the best of a difficult situation, so congratulations on their success. Cheers!

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Back to Photos of the Hermosa Brewing 6th Anniversary Celebration

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