Blow a Glass at Scholb Premium Ales

These photos were taken this past Friday evening at Scholb Premium Ales, in Torrance, where they hosted Blow a Glass, a mobile operation that teaches glass blowing. Friday evening they set up shop in Scholb’s tasting room to display several of their glass water pipes and offered classes to those wanting to create their own glass.

I have to admit, I was hoping that there would be more in the way of demonstrations on how they create the intricate water pipes, but this was more for teaching people how to make their own drinking glasses. Since there was a lot of twirling of molten glass by newbies, I stayed out of the way which means I was unable to get the photos I was hoping for.

There were two people there that were blowing their own glassware and they seemed to be enjoying the experience. I was unable to photograph the end results primarily because there was more to the process that wasn’t exactly easy to photograph and apparently would not be completed for another day or two.

The participants had a good time, and there was plenty of Scholb beer there for those of us that were there to observe; and that is all that really matters, right? Cheers!

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